How To Stop YouTube Ads On Your Business Videos

How To Prevent YouTube Ads From Showing Up On Your Business Videos

Last updated on July 12th, 2020 at 07:44 pm

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Are you seeing YouTube ads run at the beginning of your business YouTube video when you didn’t ask for them? How did that happen? How can you stop it?


If YouTube video has music that you don’t have the rights to, it could get an ad put on the front that you have no control over. So you need to make sure your video does not use copyrighted music unless you have rights to do so.


  1. While it’s fun to put a popular song on your YouTube video, it’s also breaking copyright law unless you have the rights to use it.
  2. This music may be there because you added it in the editing process. Or it might be there because that music was playing live in the background when you recorded the video. You might not even have noticed the music. Either way, the rule is the same.
  3. Most non-media business YouTube channels are not monetized. This means that they don’t intentionally run ads on their YouTube videos. But if you break copyright rules and use music you don’t have rights to, the copyright owner can monetize your video. This means they might run an ad on the front of your video, in the pre-roll or in-stream area. It would probably be a skippable ad that are on many videos.
  4. Also, but less likely, you might get a copyright strike. The rules are complicated but a few of these could lead to your entire channel being permanently deleted, and you might be prevented from starting a new channel.
  5. Importantly, these ads can be for anything. They could even be for your competitor’s product or service. You have no control over the type of ads.
  6. There’s no way to re-upload the video to the same URL on YouTube (it’s not FTP). Thus if you have to delete the video, you have to start from scratch on views with a new URL. So it’s important to get right the first time.
  7. One possible back-door solution is to use YouTube’s little used “Audio” tab on an individual video. This replaces all the audio in a certain section with music from YouTube’s own royalty-free library.


  1. Use royalty-free music in any video you make.
  2. These can be licensed from any number of other services. One is Pond5 but there are many.
  3. Sometimes, even if you’ve used royalty-free music that you have the rights to, you get a notification that the music is not yours. This is a false positive. you have to dispute it. Even if you’re right, it could take a month to resolve and stop the ads running on your video.


Now you can stop having ads run on your business YouTube videos.


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