Tim Schmoyer's Audience Retention Strategy

Tim Schmoyer’s 50% YouTube Audience Retention Strategy

Last updated on July 12th, 2020 at 07:44 pm

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To get more YouTube views, you want to try to get your Audience Retention to 50% at the END of your videos. Today we talk to Tim Schmoyer from Video Creators who’s done valuable research into this fact.


Tim Schmoyer has found that when you can keep half the viewership on your YouTube videos until the END of the videos, YouTube will recommend your video much more often and your views will shoot up.


  1. Keeping at least 50% of your viewers watching until the very end of a video seems very hard for most businesses.
  2. But when viewers do watch that long, it sends a very good signal to YouTube that people want to watch it.
  3. There are other important related factors, like having good titles and thumbnails.
  4. Your call-to-action is likely at the end of the video, so the more people you have still watching, the better the video will convert to clicking on another of your videos, or going to your website, or subscribing.
  5. Look at your YouTube Analytics -> Audience Retention to see where people are abandoning your videos. Watch that part to see what is not holding people’s attention. In the next video, do less of what people don’t like.
  6. While you’ll want viewers to visit your website eventually, it’s better to have them watch more than one YouTube video before visiting your website. This is because if they jump from your YouTube videos to your website on each video, the video will get ranked significantly lower on YouTube because it ends the session. YouTube wants viewers to stay on the platform.
  7. The most important goal on most videos is getting the viewer to watch another video.
  8. Tim Schmoyer has found that the difference between a YouTube channel that does just OK and one that really takes off is that many of their videos are consistently around 50% Average View Duration at the end of the video.