What video content marketing services are you looking for?

What we DON’T offer:

Video Production

Rather, we work with your existing video production team to provide our video content marketing services.

What we DO offer:

Best Practices
Blog/Website Integration/Distribution
Channel Management
Comment moderation
Competitive Analysis
Connect YouTube with Adsense
Connect YouTube with Adwords
Connect YouTube with Google Analytics
Content Calendar
Content Scoring on 50 metrics
Drive MQLs and SQLs
Email Integration/Distribution
Facebook Video campaign management
Google Tag Manager Integration
Identify Key Advocates
Improvement reports
In-person video marketing training
Influencer Marketing Coordination
Instagram video campaign managmeent
KPI baseline establishment
KPI tracking
LinkedIn Video campaign management
Marketing Automation
Monthly Re-Optimization
Monthly Reports
New Content Optimization
Offload Underperforming Videos
Optimization of the greatest hits (YouTube video archive).
Optimize Cards
Optimize Descriptions
Optimize Playlists
Optimize Tags
Optimize Thumbnails
Optimize Titles
Optimize Transcription
Paid Media TrueView
Social Media Integration/Distribution
Strategic Video Marketing Plan
Track Conversion
Twitter video campaign management
Video Account Based Marketing (ABM)
Video marketing assessment
Video Marketing Strategy
Video Marketing Tactics
Video Marketing Training – Online
Video Topic Recommendations
YouTube Channel Management
YouTube Remarketing Campaigns


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