How To Get More Views Using YouTube View Velocity

How To Drive YouTube Video View Velocity

Last updated on June 14th, 2024


View velocity is an important factor in the success of your YouTube videos, so in this video we take you in a red Ford Mustang convertible to show you how a fast car is a lot like “YouTube view velocity.”


  1. The faster you get (organic) views from the moment your video is published, the more YouTube will promote your video to new viewers.
  2. The term YouTube “View Velocity” was coined by Matt Gielen, who has studied it in depth.


  1. You want to do everything you can to get views as quickly as possible after you publish the video.
  2. You want to do this organically without paid media.
  3. Getting video views through paid media will very likely not help drive the views from the algorithm. It will probably actually have the opposite effect, particularly if you do pre-rolls on YouTube (Google Ads YouTube In-stream).
  4. Estimate your target viewer’s viewing habits, and know your own channel’s best times to publish.
  5. Launch or publish your video at the best time for your viewers to watch it.
  6. Launch on the best day of the week to publish for your audience.
  7. Time your email promotion to go out at the same time you publish the video.
  8. Time your social media, like Twitter, to point to your YouTube video at the same time you publish.


Now you’ve launched your video in a way to get it the most view velocity.


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