Half YouTube ROI is Missing

Are you losing out on 50% of your YouTube ROI?

Last updated on July 12th, 2020 at 07:45 pm

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You may be losing out on 50% of your potential ROI on YouTube.

YouTube Optimization

If you’re only doing video production for YouTube, but don’t have an organic video optimization, channel management, and content planning strategy in place, then you only have half a plan. Because YouTube has a series of best practices for getting your videos seen by the people who are looking for topics you cover in your videos. YouTube has a process akin to SEO, but because it’s not quite the same, so we call it “YouTube optimization.”

We want to help you get your videos the full attention they deserve, from the right potential customers. You’ve already got your video production taken care of. Let us take care of the other half.

Video Conversion and Attribution

Ask yourself this question: Are you properly tracking attribution from your YouTube videos? Do you know your conversion rate from this platform? The truth is, many top companies skip this step on their YouTube channels, or don’t know how to implement it. They only count views, which gives them a very incomplete picture.

Producing and publishing frequent videos to your channel is the right approach, but it’s not enough. While there are some parts to YouTube optimization that are easy to learn, the finer points are just as important as good SEO, but perhaps even more nuanced.

Increased Organic Traffic

At VidAction.tv we can teach you how to do this in-house with weekly training meetings, meanwhile bringing our full experience to bear by significantly increasing organic traffic to your YouTube channel using time-honed best practices of metadata optimization, with an emphasis on organic video content marketing techniques. Yes, we offer targeted paid media services as well, but only as a minority component as part of a solid YouTube channel management strategy.

Build Customer Loyalty

Succeeding at YouTube, just like succeeding at your companies content marketing blog, is not about having one big hit or “viral video.” It’s about building and executing an ongoing strategy where content is released weekly or more frequently. Over time, you will engage customers and build loyalty by demonstrating your knowledge and expertise in your industry. If you help people learn to do their jobs better (for B2B) or live their lives better (for B2C), you will earn their long-term business.

Contact VidAction.tv with questions, and get your videos 100% of the attention they deserve.