YouTube Polls Tutorial

How To Add A Poll To Your YouTube Videos

Last updated on July 12th, 2020 at 07:44 pm

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Here’s how to create a YouTube poll inside the Cards function. Take the poll in this video at 0:37 into the video.


YouTube polls can keep people watching longer because they’re filling out the polls as they’re watching. And they’re a fun and different way for viewers to comment and see what other people are saying. As a business, you can also see what your customers are thinking.


Create a YouTube poll to get more watch time and engagement on your YouTube videos.


  1. There’s also a polls option in the YouTube Community section. This is different, because this is inside the video itself.
  2. You manage this in the YouTube cards function of a given video.
  3. The only way to know the results is by taking the poll yourself – there’s no results area in YouTube Analytics.
  4. The best time in the video to post a poll is when you expect the audience to drop off. Since they have to keep watching to take the poll, this will increase your average view duration.
  5. The poll is always visible under the “i” in the top right of a video, but it only gets a call to action at the time you designate.


  1. Go to YouTube Creator Studio and open video details.
  2. Click on the Cards tab.
  3. Go to the place in the timeline where you expect the audience to drop off.
  4. Add poll.
  5. Fill out questions and answers of poll.
  6. Click “Create Card.”


Now you have created a YouTube poll that will get you more watch time!