How To Use The New YouTube Support Forum

YouTube Community Support Forum

Last updated on June 14th, 2024

The new YouTube Community Forum offers help from both official YouTube staff and community members.


You want to know how to use the new YouTube Community Forum so you can get your YouTube questions answered in a quick, helpful way.


  • The new YouTube Community Forum was moved from the Official YouTube Help Forum on Jan. 7, 2019.
  • There are featured posts.
  • You can ask a question.
  • You can subscribe to a topic.
  • You can read replies, both official and unofficial.
  • There’s no thumbs up or thumbs down.
  • You create a username to use it.
  • It shows how many questions you have asked.
  • When you search for a topic, you’ll get combined results from Google’s YouTube Help articles, the YouTube Community Forum itself, and from the YouTube Creator Academy.
  • You make a comment by hitting “Reply.”
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