Your Business Videos Suck, But They Don’t Have To! – Shelly Saves The Day

Last updated on June 15th, 2024

“Shelly Saves the Day” is known for her expertise in giving tutorials and courses on livestreaming, vertical videos, iMovie editing, and also for her makeup videos. Today she’s talking about how most business videos suck – but they don’t have to!

GUEST: “Shelly Saves the Day” – YouTube | Instagram | iMovie Made Easy Course

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Shelley Saves the Day:

“The reason why your business videos stink. First of all, it’s because, number one, you’re not even looking at the camera. I don’t know how often you see this, right? But it’s usually they’re looking at themselves at a viewfinder, they’re looking at themselves in some sort of reflective service and they’re not looking directly at the lens like it’s a person. They are afraid of the lens and it’s just so off-putting when I’m like, you’re not making eye contact with me. You’re making eye contact with yourself.”

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