Avoid These Words To Get More YouTube Watch Time

Don’t Say These Words On YouTube

Last updated on July 12th, 2020 at 07:44 pm

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Don’t say these words on YouTube!

There are some words that are “ending language” that are very likely to get people to click off your videos before you want them to. This is very bad because it lowers your watch time, and thus lowers your ranking with YouTube and gets you fewer YouTube views.


Here are the words you should avoid on YouTube:

  1. “Thanks” or “Thank you” or “Thanks for watching” or “thank you for watching”
  2. “Bye” “Bye-bye” “Good bye”
  3. “See you” or “See ya” or “See you next week”
  4. “Last” or “Lastly”
  5. “So anyways” or “anyway” or “at any rate”
  6. “So…”
  7. “Please”
  8. “That’s it”
  9. “Anyway”
  10. “Alright” (with ending tone)
  11. “OK” (with ending tone)
  12. “Done”
  13. “Finish” or “finished”
  14. “That’s about it”
  15. “To wrap it up”
  16. “Reiterate”
  17. “Sum up” or “Summary” or “In summary”
  18. “In conclusion”
  19. “If you liked this video Subscribe, like, comment!”
  20. “Like this video”
  21. “Don’t forget to subscribe”
  22. “Be sure to…” like and subscribe
  23. “It’s Simple” or “it’s pretty simple”
  24. “It’s Complicated” or “it’s a bit complex”
  25. “To wrap up”
  26. “That being said…”
  27. “In the end” “to end up” “ending”
  28. “I appreciate” you watching
  29. “Click to subscribe”
  30. “Next week” or “In our next video”
  31. “That’s about it”

… and that’s about it!


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