Am I Too Fat To Be A YouTube Marketer?

Too Fat For YouTube Marketing

Last updated on June 14th, 2024

Too Fat For YouTube Marketing

Am I too fat for YouTube Marketing?

Maybe you’re like me, and you sometimes wonder if you’re not good looking enough, not handsome or pretty enough, having a bad hair day, going bald, so you shouldn’t be on camera. Or maybe you’re too old, too young, not professional enough, or don’t have the right clothes. Maybe these things are all true – I’ve certainly had these worries myself.

But maybe they’re not true at all, or only partly true. Do we all have to have movie-star good looks to be on camera?

What I try to do every day is help marketers and businesses learn how they can easily go on camera, make helpful how to videos and optimize them strategically, and get people to learn from them and trust them on YouTube. But what if we don’t trust ourselves because we don’t look the right way?

Here’s what I think. If you can be helpful to others through video, I think that’s good enough. If you have a desire to help others learn how to do their jobs better and live their lives better, it doesn’t matter how you look. Go ahead and get on camera and give it your best. That’s what I’m trying to do myself.


Do you ever feel self-conscious on camera? Because I want to ask you a personal question and it may seem silly, but: Am I too fat to be on YouTube? To be a YouTube marketer?

Don’t answer right away, don’t be just polite, because maybe I am too fat. Let’s talk about it because I want to know what you think. My name is Dane Golden, this is and I’m here because I love helping brands and business owners like yourselves grow their customer communities through helpful how-to videos. But what about, if you’re super-conscious like me that you’re overweight?

Now, I’m not as big as some, I’m not as skinny as others, but at 220 pounds, the statistics say I’m 50 pounds overweight. So that’s essentially, I’m like a third extra what I should be and beyond the health concerns, this is, what about just, am I, good looking enough to be on YouTube? Am I young enough? Am I thin enough? These are… does my hair look good? I’m balding. Do I have too many wrinkles?

And I think that that’s what a lot of people are worried about when they get on YouTube, is do they look OK? You know, I choose to wear collared shirts because, instead of t-shirts generally, because I’m trying to portray that I am serious about helping business but business isn’t necessarily t-shirts versus collared shirts, but I’m just trying to see if I can be helpful.

So I think that it’s worth asking, am I too fat? Is there a limit to how healthy or young or good looking you have to be to be on YouTube. And apart from the normal health concerns about being overweight, I think it’s important to ask that question and my answer is very simply, if you are helpful to your customers, through video then it doesn’t matter how you look, it doesn’t matter how old you look, if you’re a man, you’re a woman, you’re tall, you’re short, you’re bald, not bald.

I think it’s the idea is to be helpful. And I’d like to know your opinion, that’s my opinion, that’s who I am, I’m trying to help people and the great thing about video is they see me and some people are going to say, “That guy, he’s too old, he’s too fat, he’s too bald, he’s wearing a collared shirt, he doesn’t, he can’t help me.”

And that’s fine. I actually think that’s a good thing, because I am who I am. And some people, when they see you on video, they’re going to say, “I can tell right away, that’s not the person I want to work with.” And that’s fine, because there’s a group of people who say, “Gosh, with this guy’s body language I can tell that he’s pretty frank and honest and he’s the type of guy that I want to work with, he seems to know what he’s talking about.”

So tell me what you think in the comments.

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