Video Marketing World 2018 – Insider’s Vlog – Dallas, Texas

Video Marketing World 2018

Last updated on June 14th, 2024

Well here we are at the Gaylord Texan Resort at the Video Marketing World. Looks like it’s going to be an exciting time. I’m here with the cow, a Longhorn. And we’re going to see what Video Marketing World is all about.

So this is a really incredible place here at Video Marketing World. It’s at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Dallas. Well we’re here at the registration. You can see here at Video Marketing World. We finally made it. And everyone’s hanging out there. There’s Antonio.

Nice to see you. How are you? Hi guys.

See, he’s a big vlogger. He helps women with relationships, and that’s real interesting. We’ve got all sorts of interesting. There’s Brian Johnson over there. There’s Nick Nimmin. He’s talking to Roberto Blake, and here’s all these cool people who are registering. And let’s go find out what happens over here. Let’s register a little bit. There’s Jeremy Vest the creator of this event. What’s up? Fist bump, fist bump Okay so we can register here. Hi, how are you? Wow. Well it’s the first day here at Video Marketing World and went to the pre-events. Did the registration yesterday and was good to see all the talented people we have here, all the YouTube gurus, and talk to the participants. There was a nice reception where we had a drink or two. Some people had water, of course, and I went out had a bite to eat with one of the participants, really cool guy, and yeah, it’s going to be a lot of fun. And, of course, it’s real early here, and you never know who you’re going to see. You might see someone like Sean Cannell, right here.

Is this a live stream? Super star. Nah.

There’s a video, okay. Alright, alright, hey. Video Marketing World 2018. Jeremy Vest, Vidpow, vidIQ. We’re ready.

This is what you get from Sean Cannell. One of the masters, from Sean, Think Media.

I don’t know about that.

So you’ll see him. You’ll see him at Video Marketing World. And that’s one of the cool things about Video Marketing World. You get to get up close and personal with some of the most talented people in the industries like Sean Cannell. I mean what an amazing person he does and what great feedback and instruction he offers on his YouTube channel, and he’s just one of the many people you’ll find here. So we’re going to go in and see the keynote by Tim Schmoyer of Video Creators and that’s going to be fun. Tim is brilliant, and also very helpful, and very open. He was chatting with all sorts of people here yesterday. And we’re getting here into the registration. You can see here we are. The thing about this is that it is really early here. You know, for me, someone on the West Coast, it’s six a.m. Now it’s eight a.m. here in Dallas, but this is just so jammed packed you want to stay up late, and you want to get up early because there’s just going to be a ton of people to talk to, a lot of events, and very valuable information. So, let’s see what Tim Schmoyer has to say.

Just like putting right in front of people. They just learn that when someone comes back to YouTube on Thursday, they’re looking for such and such a channel, let’s just put that content right there in front of them.

The great thing about being here, see you get so caught up in everything it that it’s really easy to just even forget to vlog because there’s so many things happening. There’s people here like Anthony Ambriz. Hi!

You see, and you see guys like Brian G. Johnson, just recovering from his awesome his thing there. And you can talk to him. And you can talk to people over here. Hey.

Hey, what’s going on? Hey, how’s it going? Good.

So I’m just doing a vlog here, yeah. You can walk up to people and talk to Sean Cannell there. You see his buddy Benji is doing reports there. And this is just in the lobby in between events, and people giving talks over here. There’s ON Video over there talking to someone. So you can really engage with people and go right up, ask them questions, chat with them. Find out what you want to know. That’s a great thing about Video Marketing World here. Now I’m just going to go in. There’s basically three concurrent sessions. So you want to make sure you watch the videos and get the post-event video package after the fact, but I watched Brian G. Johnson today. I watched Rob Wilson from vidIQ. I watched Tom Martin from Fact Tube, and I watched Luria Petrucci. See, there she is talking to some people right there. So you can find your experts right here at Video Market. There’s Nick Nimmin right there. There’s Jake Larson right there.

To engage the viewer or to reengage the viewer, what we have there. Most popular ones, but these one, two, three. There’s Andrew Kan. What’s up?

From TubeBuddy see? You see all sorts of people here. Well, it’s the last day of Video Marketing World. It’s really been incredible. There’s so much talent here, so many amazing, talented people, sharing what they know, interacting with brands, large and small, small businesses too. And I think this is, per capita, the most video marketing talent in the world right under this roof right now.

Reason they do that is ’cause they know you’re more likely to click on it and watch it than if they just send you an email to click.

Alright, so we use cards and screens.

If I was to sit in front of the computer and respond to comments all day long, I couldn’t do this. But what’s the answer? You build a team. Put on your CEO hat. When you reply to somebody’s comment, they’re seven times more likely to subscribe to your channel. You want subscribers? They’re sitting there right in your comment section. Reply, show some love.

As we wrap up Video Marketing World, it was an amazing last presentation by Evan Carmichael. Congratulations to Jeremy Vest for this amazing conference, and you guys should try it next year. Even though the conference is over, you’re still seeing a lot of the top gurus in video marketing hanging out here. You know, you have ON Video there, Brian G. Johnson, Steven Dotto, Nick Nimmin. You have Sean and Benji over there. Sean Cannell, and Benji, I think Benji’s last name is Travis. Gurus over there. And they’re just talking to people. This is the type of access you get, and just some of the top people. You have Derral Eves over here talking to some friends. Just happy to talk about video marketing, and that’s what this is all about. It’s really about people helping other people learn and do this business better, and there’s Steve Dotto.

It is. Hey, Steve. How you doing? How are you? Just doing a vlog to wrap up. A vlog. Yeah, thanks so much. How was it? Steve Dotto, Yes, sir. And what’d you think about the event? Oh, I love this event. Yeah?

I don’t know about you, but as a YouTube content creator, I work home by myself so much. Yeah, right, right.

And so I’m kind of in a vacuum, and you stand to close to the flame. You see your channel, And you’re building your fan channel, but hearing other creators you respect or you know understand what you’re going through, talking to you about your channel, giving you some advice, and some new fresh ways to look at it fresh eyes, it’s been really good.

Yeah, I think so many great people under one roof, and very open to sharing, high ratio of gurus to people.

Yeah, yeah, and everybody’s got something of value to add, and the next thing is we’re all in the same industry, but not a lot of competition just a lot of cooperation. It’s nice, yeah.

Yeah, I mean what other industry do you have all these people getting together and wanting to see each other do better?

Yes, very few industries are as artistic, and I don’t been from a creative point of view, but I mean from a business. There are probably in this room, even right now, there’s probably 20 content creators that make our living off of YouTube or off of online, and not one of us has the same business model.

That’s true, too. And we each got to carve out our own.

Thank you, Steve. Well, that’s about it for Video Marketing World. It’s been quite a ride. Now, there’s another video I’d like you to watch right here. Thanks so much.

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