Should You Buy Fake Views on YouTube?

Should You Buy Fake Views on YouTube For Business?

Last updated on June 14th, 2024

Should you buy Fake Views for your business YouTube channel?

What’s your goal behind having a high view count? Is it to demonstrate to your boss that you can make a video with a lot of views?

I am shocked, shocked to find that there are Fake Views on YouTube. Actually, no I am not. In fact, if you want a million views, a million views, I can get those to you by tomorrow as long as you don’t mind if they’re not in the US – if they come from Malaysia or Indonesia or Nigeria or Vietnam or India.

Maybe that’s fine. Maybe that’s where your business is. But if your business is not there, perhaps you’d want something more than just a view. And what is a YouTube view? Is it watching all the way through or is it watching for a few seconds? Maybe that’s more information you’d like to know.

What I’m saying is, is that the YouTube view is the most obvious of metrics but it’s not the most helpful of metrics. It is one of, maybe a top 10 metrics that you should know about your business YouTube channel, right?

But what are Fake Views exactly? Fake Views are generally something that’s sold. It’s sort of like a bootleg black market thing that’s sold by a third party where they will pay someone to watch your videos, essentially.

And who are these people? Well, they’re probably not your customers. I think that’s important to know. They may be in your country, if you’re not in the US, but if you’re in the US it’s probably not your customers. Not viewers in this country.

But maybe you just want a high view count because your boss says, hey we need a million views by tomorrow. Great, you can get those. If that’s all your boss wants then you can get those.

But are they the right age? Are they the right demographic, gender, country, interests? Aren’t those things you want to be targeting for your business? I think it’s important for you to know that just because you have a high view number doesn’t mean a lot of people, who were not paid to watch that video, will watch it.

And if you really just want that view count that’s fine and I could get those for you. Like I said, I can get you a million views by tomorrow as long as you don’t care who those people are or where they are in the world or what language they speak.

A lot of people want to figure out how to trick the YouTube system but the truth is, is that it’s extremely difficult to do. Who wouldn’t want to have millions of views and then that lead to two million views, three million views? But the truth is, is just having a bunch of views, depending on what kind they are, does not lead to people seeing it in search or suggested videos.

What I’m trying to impress upon you is that it’s important to look a little bit deeper than just the views metric because that is one metric that’s important but it’s not the only and often not the most important one. You want to know where that traffic is going, who you’re targeting, is it driving any business for you?

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