Not All YouTube Views Are Created Equal

Last updated on June 15th, 2024

What kind of views do you want for your channel? It is easy to get a million views, but what about reaching the right type of viewer? Shelly, Gwen and Dane go over how to get the best type of viewer, organic vs paid, and how niche should you go?

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HOSTS: The VidAction Podcast is hosted by:
– Dane Golden of | LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube
– Gwen Miller LinkedIn | Twitter
– Shelly Saves The Day | YouTube

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PRODUCER: Jason Perrier of Phizzy Studios

Dane Golden:

“I tell people that, you want views? That’s all you care about? Great. I can have you a million views by tomorrow. Just give me $10,000. I’ll have a million views for you by tomorrow as long as you don’t mind that all of those views are from gamers in the developing world. And then somebody says, oh, well, actually I want them to be you in the US, and I want them to be people with potentially customers. Okay, so you don’t want just views.”

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