How To Increase YouTube Watch Time

How To Increase YouTube Watch Time

Last updated on June 14th, 2024

How To Increase YouTube Watch Time

Here’s how you can increase your YouTube watch time.


The YouTube algorithm doesn’t rank videos by views, but by watch time. So to get more views, you have to get more watch time.


Drive more YouTube watch time.


  1. YouTube Watch Time consists of many factors.
  2. Some of the most important factors in watch time are the average watch time of each video, and the overall amount of time all viewers watch a video.
  3. YouTube rewards videos and channels that keep viewers on the platform as long as possible.
  4. As a business, you want organic viewers to watch more than one video before visiting your website.


  1. Watch time begins when the viewer clicks. They click because of the promise you make in the title and thumbnail about what the video is about.
  2. Make the video start by quickly saying that you will fulfill that promise in the video. If you don’t some group of viewers will leave very quickly.
  3. Then fulfill the promise by making a tightly-edited video about what’s in the title and the thumbnail. We use jump cuts to remove any gaps.
  4. Make the video as long as it has to be to keep people interested but no longer. Remove anything that would make them stop watching. Your goal is to keep as many people as possible watching until the very end.
  5. You can use features like YouTube cards polls to keep them watching longer.
  6. End the video quickly, using an end screen and invite the viewer to watch another video.


This continuation increases the ranking of your video and channel. The algorithm will promote this video more and it will get even greater watch time.


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