How To Choose The Best YouTube Topics

How To Choose The Best YouTube Topics

Last updated on March 3rd, 2023 at 09:09 pm

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How To Choose The Best YouTube Topics

Here’s how to find the best topics for the YouTube videos for your business.


No matter how much people like your business or brand, if they’re not interested in your topic, they’ll stop watching, and might decide to never return to your channel again. Not because they don’t like you, but because your content doesn’t interest them. So picking the right topic for each of your videos is key.


Find compelling videos topics in your area of expertise that interest your customers.


  1. Know that on YouTube the viewership of each video combines to make an overall reputation for your channel. Similar to your grade point average in school, where each class counted towards your overall ranking in school, so too does each video on your channel contribute to YouTube’s overall ranking of your channel and how many free views the YouTube algorithm will give you.
  2. Know that each video topic works in unison with both the title and the thumbnail at all times. They need to complement each other, but not necessarily repeat one another.
  3. Know that just because you make a video about a popular topic, your video still may not do well organically, because your video may not be as good, or your subscribers may not be enough to get your video to rank, or the general content of your channel may not be as relevant as the competitors.
  4. Know that while some views come from YouTube Search, most organic views come from Suggested Videos and Browse Features.


Decide what your channel is about. What do you know about and what do you want to help your customers learn? NOTE: What you sell is only one part of your area of expertise, which is broader. Focus on what people want to know, not what you’re selling.


  1. Brainstorm a long list of potential topics and variations that you know something about and want to help your customers learn.
  2. Start by using the “autocomplete” function of YouTube search. The most popular phrases that go with your words are popular search topics.
  3. Look in Google Trends for general topics.
  4. If you’re a power-users who wants to understand in a more specific way which video precise topics have the best chance of doing well on your specific channel, use tools like TubeBuddy and VidIQ and MorningFame to improve the title phrasing and overall Video SEO factors like keyword tags.
  5. Once you’ve decided on your topic, learn about how to compose the title for best effect.


Now your customers will see video topics on your channel that interest them, and they will return to your videos again and again, and you will earn their loyalty, and their trust, and their business.


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