How To Get YouTube Viewers Coming Back Again

Last updated on June 15th, 2024

How to get YouTube viewers to come back again

It’s great if your viewers watch one of your videos. But if you’re going to make a strong enough connection to turn them into customers, you’ve got to get them coming back again and again. But how? Today we’re going to tell you how to do this.


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Gwen Miller:
“YouTube does have a new set of metrics, which I adore, which essentially tells you what from. Single video. What percentage of the new viewers to that video then came back and watched more of your content later. And this is a great way to start getting a feel of what type of videos on your channel are the best at making sure.”

Shelly Saves The Day:
“You can make different types of videos as long as the audience remains the same. So if you were a beauty channel, your videos could be about hauls, get ready with me, monthly favorites, or fails. And you could actually have the same audience, even though those are all different types of videos, but all within the same genre.”

Dane Golden:
One of the ways that YouTube decides to show new videos to an individual viewer, is if another viewer, with similar interests, has watched a long portion of that new video. And we call that measurement Audience Retention.


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