How To Engage YouTube Viewers Across All Devices

    How to get YouTube Viewers on All Devices

    How can you know what kind of YouTube video to make, if you don’t know where your viewers are watching them? Are they watching on computer? Phone? TV? Tablet, gaming device, or maybe even their wristwatch? As a marketer, you need to be able to make your video watchable and engaging across all these devices. Today we’ll show you how.


    HOSTS: The Video Marketing Value Podcast is hosted by:
    – Dane Golden | LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube | TalkToDane.Today
    – Gwen Miller LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube
    – Shelly Saves The Day | YouTube | ShellyShopsOnline | iMovieMadeEasy


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    • MorningFame – Find out what topics will rank for smaller channels.


    “It’s very key that you understand the makeup of your audience, on what device they’re watching you on.”
    – Gwen Miller

    “If you aren’t doing huge call-outs with zoom-ins and stuff like that, you’re never going be able to keep and retain the people who are watching on mobile”
    – Shelly Saves The Day

    “We really need to think about what devices people are using. And the algorithm will show the same user different videos depending on where they’re logged in.”
    – Dane Golden

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