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Tom Martin - YouTube Consistency

Last updated on June 5th, 2024

It is so important to be consistent on YouTube for your business and keep producing videos that are helpful to your customers. Unfortunately I wasn’t following my own example, because as you’ll see in this video, I spoke to Tom Martin, who is very knowledgeable about YouTube, and he’s talking all about consistency. Well, I wasn’t being consistent, I haven’t posted videos in a long time, so ironically, I’m going to show you a video from last year at VidSummit, with Tom Martin, talking about how important it is to be consistent on YouTube.

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Tom Martin of ChannelFuel ( introduces his 3 C’s of YouTube success.


You need to upload a new video, at least one, every single week, without fail. What you can do is you can batch record and release ahead of time. So when you’re away from the office, when you’re away from the computer, when you’re on vacation, when you get sick, you need to be prepared so you want to have a buffer of say of say three, or four or five videos that you can release in the future.


YouTube loves subject matter experts. People that can talk about one topic, in detail, consistently, again, and again, and again. Because they want someone that they can trust, that the audience can trust, ’cause they know if they send a searcher to someone who can solve a problem, they know that they’re going to watch more than one video, which means they can serve more ads.


Here metadata refers to titles, tags and descriptions. In other words, your video SEO. So what you want to do is to have a very consistent structured metadata system so that YouTube starts to recognize that your videos are related. Because what you want, really, is not only to appear in search queries, but also to really dominate that suggested sidebar, so just to the left of the video.

Have a very consistent structured metadata system so that YouTube starts to recognize that your videos are related

So you need to think about having a structure for your title, a structure for your tags and a structure for your descriptions. They need to be keyword-rich, so they need to contain all of the keywords that you’d like to videos to appear for. But you need to remember that you can’t just be spammy and stuff, or copy or text full of keywords, they need to read really well for humans as well, you know, because you also need to get clicks. And you also need to remember that people need to trust you and stuff like that, so you can’t just put like a cloud of keywords that don’t really make sense.


Now you know how to be consistent on YouTube


ChannelFuel is a YouTube services business that helps you to create a system, like that metadata system. They also can help you do research and audit your channels. You can find out more about all of those services at


My name is Dane Golden from VidAction and I’m challenging you to Up Your Game on YouTube for business and transform your viewers into loyal customers. You do that, and you’ll be Golden!


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