How To Use The YouTube Studio Mobile App – With Dee Nimmin

YouTube Studio App Explained - With Dee Nimmin

Last updated on June 5th, 2024

Dee Nimmin talks about the YouTube Studio Mobile App. Dee is a specialist in helping mobile content creators and mobile YouTubers.


The YouTube Studio App (aka the “YT Studio App”) is an official YouTube app for iOS and Android. It helps you monitor and manage some YouTube analytics and functions on your mobile device.

YouTube Studio App Store


The YouTube Studio App helps you:

  1. Check your basic YouTube analytics, like views and audience retention.
  2. Reply to and manage comments.
  3. Change your YouTube thumbnail.
YouTube Studio App Audience Retention
The YouTube Studio App enables you to check your audience retention and other metrics.

The YouTube Studio App does NOT help you:

  1. Upload a video. Instead, on mobile you need to upload using the main YouTube app.
  2. Check your click-through rate (CTR).
YouTube Studio App Edit Thumbnails
The YouTube Studio App enables you to edit your thumbnails.
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