VidSummit Vlog 2018

VidSummit Vlog 2018

Last updated on July 12th, 2020 at 07:44 pm

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Here we are at VidSummit. You know, when you get here, you see all your friends and you’re at the Westin near LAX in Los Angeles. It’s amazing knowledge you get here at Vidsummit, that’s why I come back every year. This is my fifth year. See people doing vlogs and talking to cameras a lot and doing the reviews of channels, see old friends. There’s Derral Eves, making it happen buddy. You did it again. You did it again.

We’ll see. We got a day or two to see if we can pull this thing off.

Yep. I think it’s going to be great as always. Hey, there’s Trena Little. Hi Trena Little.

Hi! How are you?

How are you?

Good, how are you?

What are you expecting this week?

Lots of stuff.

Lots of stuff?

Lots of stuff. I have my thing all mapped out everything, each hour.

And you see all sorts of top people, there’s Owen Video there. People vlogging, people taking shots of each other, people doing interviews, there’s Derral again. So that’s what happens right there. There’s Andrew Kan, there’s the Starkovich brothers. It’s Brian G. Johnson. How are you Brian? It’s good to see you. Loved your video about hashtags, I’m using that.

I almost want to do another one because every time I see a video with hashtags, I go, hello!

I’m Kathy Mason,

Hi, Kathy.

And I live in Boulder.

Oh, hi Kathy. Nice to meet you, how are you?

So you get to chat with friends, but you’re always talking to people and everyone’s very accessible. And here’s where you register right here, I’ve already registered. Here’s VidIQ. At VidSummit, this is where you register right there. You see guys like Sean Cannell right there.

Hi. You know where Lori’s thing is?

I know it’s not down here cause nothing’s down here. Maybe there’s stuff upstairs. Brighton West of Brighton West Video.

I’ll stand back.

And what are you here for?

I am here just to have my kind of annual learning, like to really dive deep and get what’s the current best thinking on all things YouTube.

Amazon Influencers.

Amazon Influencers.

Okay, so question I had was, if you have a, I don’t know what you call them, an influencer account where you have a store,

A storefront.

A storefront.


If you send people to the storefront but they don’t click on your stuff, is that the equivalent of going to one of your Amazon affiliate links? So they click on an affiliate link,


And they buy something else, if they go to the storefront and they buy something else,


So promote the hell out of the storefront.



That’s it, promote the hell out of the storefront.

VidSummit is where you come to get the up to date information. Data, strategy to grow your channel and to take your video creation business to the next level. How many of you all are here to uplevel your channel?

Anthony Ambriz right here.

Energy and fire in this room for the next two days. I’m so pumped that you’re here.

And the conversations that we can have, the pure evidence someone can literally change your life. They can change your business. They can make you scale your business. And that’s what it’s all about. Now, I do want to introduce you to my business partner for VidSummit, Shonduras.

Man, this was an amazing sight. Session by Jack Conte, who is the CEO, I guess, of Patreon and started a band called Pomplamoose as well, one of the early YouTube success bands. And just really inspiring. If you have a chance to see him talk, really really inspiring. And he’s the sponsor. Oh look, there’s Nico. See, this is what you have friends for. You have competing businesses, TubeBuddy and Morningfame, and they’re just hanging out. So they’re competing businesses and they’re just hanging out and talking. There’s a certain kind of camaraderie here at VidSummit. People really enjoy helping each other, and certainly they want to make the most money and do the best, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a nice conversation.

Why do you make videos? Yep.

Okay. Nice. Okay. So, a year from now, if everything is going exactly how you envision it to work, if you get a perfect scenario, what would that look like to you?

The fact of the matter is, you could have been in any room right now. You’re in this hotel, at this event, for a specific reason. That means it’s highly likely that many people here can help each other even though it’s not how it’s based on let’s do a collab, like.

They got to bring this the temptation, put it out there and monetize it, whatever, but if you’re somebody who deeply is passionate about creating, how do you balance sometimes, you know when it’s okay to just do this for me? Do you ever internalize that issue? And how do you deal with it in what you’re answering?

Like that video I did for my little girl,

Right, I loved that.

I made that months and months ago, and it’s one of those things that it’s like, I made a little video of me and my little girl, hopefully she gets to see it, like years and years from now. She was super cute.

Well, it’s coming towards the end of the day and people are still really excited. They’re talking to each other. There’s still like, one session going on but no one’s really going to it, people are just really having fun. Hey, there’s Tim Schmoyer right there. Cool, that was Tim Schmoyer. But really a lot of value, just saw Mark. Mark Robertson’s session about paid Facebook. Boy, a lot of it, usually when people do the first night, so there’s two nights, usually people will, people will just get together at the bar or whatever and just chat and have a bite to eat. Renee Teeley of Powtoon, and she’s doing a content marketing vlog. What’d you say? What would you call it?

I would call it a video series.

A video series for Powtoon and I am going to be on it, we’ll see how I do.

You’re going to be great. This is going to be awesome.

We’ll see. We’ll see how I do.

It’s a lot of fun because you come to VidSummit and everyone’s interviewing everyone else, and it’s the interview festival.

It is, and then people come and will take videos of you interviewing other people. I’ve noticed that too. There’s like videos of video interviews.

It never ends. So we’ll see how it goes.

This will be great. Thanks.

Well, it’s day two, the last day.

Well, I guess there’s a little bit extra networking in the morning on Friday, but this is the second day, Thursday. And just coming from the cafe there. You always have to make sure a lot of extra time for your coffee because there’s always a long line there. You can get it in your hotel room, of course. What’s amazing about this is just talking to people in the lobby, I was up really late and now I’m late getting here today, I’m sadly missing the eight o’clock sessions, but you really get to see a lot of really interesting people if you just hang out in this lobby right here until about ten o’clock at night, you’ll really meet some very interesting people for my interest, which is video marketing. That’s one of the amazing things. There’s a couple of little restaurants just over there, you see Evan Carmichael talking with Roberto Blake and a few other interesting people. That’s one of the amazing things here, is just going around the lobby and seeing people. Yeah, I really found, as always, I find just a ton of insights, really interesting, and over time you learn a lot of things and the insights, they may just be, they may be fewer, because you’ve already laid down a base of knowledge. Hey! What’s going on man?

Do your fans want to see you give a testimonial?


Did you give your testimonial already?

I did, I already gave testimonials.

Oh you did? You did? Right on.

This is what you should do right here. You should give a testimonial, come over here and tell them what you learned and why you enjoyed VidSummit. So, you see it’s just so much packed with energy and knowledge, but what I was saying was that you learn things over time, hey there’s Brighton West. You learn things over time, and sometimes the insights get more fine tuned, and that’s really helpful to know, is that over time you learn a lot more, but you still want to grow.

There’s not any time where I don’t want to sit in the front row and take notes and be that person that is is always knowing. Hey, there’s Liron right there. Look at that. Woo woo! And you get to reconnect with friends, and sometimes the insights they get more fine tuned and granular, but no less important. So whether you’re just starting out from scratch or you’re coming into it with a base of knowledge, VidSummit is really really helpful and that’s why I keep coming back to it year after year, and I’m going to see this session right now.