VidCon Industry Track Vlog – Day 3

VidCon Industry Track Vlog - Day 3

Last updated on June 14th, 2024


Okay, day three of VidCon. We did the pre-day, day one, day two, this is day three now it’s officially not an industry day. Now industry passes still can join in and I strongly encourage you to come even if you are exhausted because you can sit in sessions, walk the floor, I like walking the floor on Sunday because it’s still going on, haven’t been down on the floor almost at all. See some of the things you still haven’t seen that are more creator and fan community related. And that gives you that option, and you’re not going to do a lot of networking today, people are just beat. But don’t leave yet because there’s still a lot to see and there’s a lot of creator tracked stuff, some of it still on the third floor where the industry track was, and some of it is on the second floor, but as an industry pass you can go anywhere. So I would encourage you to come back Saturdays and do the more creator stuff that I was telling you to not do before.

Surprise, even though it’s not industry day the industry. Hey there’s Jim Louderback. The leader of this event, there he goes, he’s still working. He’s working very hard, that’s Jim Louderback right there. Talking to people, organizing things. That’s how he’s been running around for this entire week. Anyway, there is still an industry track conference. There’s not as much food and merriment, as you can see, people are pretty dead. Still, they’re happy to be alive. There’s some coffee, and that’s about it.

Ya don’t. Okay, so number four, pick one subject. Focus on one subject for your video. So this video I did at WeWork in London as I was just there, we worked Tower Bridge.

Well I just saw a couple of more segments, a couple of more sessions on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Video with Goldie Chan and several other really sharp women. LinkedIn, you know what, it really fits into what I’m doing, not the only platform but something I should really be doing more of. I uploaded some videos to LinkedIn but they haven’t really been native and I’m going to think about it more. I’m going to go over to the other part. So there’s this new part of the convention center, it’s on the other side of the parking structure and I’m going to go hang out with VidIQ over there, and there’s some other folks there and you don’t want to miss this other section, this is over where the registration is, and so we’ll see how that is. We’ve lost you.

Bae. Oh wait, it’s on me, it’s already recording. Okay so it’s, it’s this right? Right, right, right, you got it, you got it. You got it. You got it. Come on and dance!

Here’s VidIQ right here. This is the VidIQ booth. They said there was no VidIQ booth and there is. See people are getting free channel audits here at VidIQ. And that’s what they’re doing. And this is over here in this, there’s the Shure booth over here and there’s Adobe, right in between. And that’s the famous Jeremy Vest of VidIQ and Video Marketing World. He’s clearly doing a channel audit. And that’s Rob, he does the YouTube channel. Hi Rob.

Hello there. Well that was fun hanging out at the VidIQ booth. I got to do some analysis of some video channels for creators, and that’s a lot of fun. But uh, boy, everyone around this place is exhausted. You’re running out of di lithium crystals. There’s nothing left. Captain, I’ve got no more di lithium crystals. It’s the last day, the last few hours. I’m going to take a walk around the floor, the show floor, just a little bit, and just bump into a couple people, no one really wants to talk but I’m just going to see what I can see. And that’ll be that, I’m going. Well, here we are on the show floor, there’s all sorts of things you can do. And this is what I have avoided for the entire event. There’s all sorts of merchandise, Don’t Forget To Be Awesome, Kia Ray possible t-shirt, video games. That’s where a lot of panels are, way, way over there at the end. For creator panels you can hear some of your favorite creators. This is the type of thing that, you know, is just not really my thing, it’s not, um, I’m not really so much a fan of entertainment or lifestyle creators but more of sort of geek creators and those I saw at the industry conference. But, hey we’ve got some ice cream over here. Nickelodeon, here you see a lot of mainstream brands coming in to be here. Get some free hugs over here from this guy. Shoot basketballs. See, talk to creators, see interviews, creators being interviewed. Instagram TV, which is their new thing this year. Hasbro, toys… Cannon, over there, that’s a little bit more industry related. Nickelodeon Double Dare. This conference hall I would say, I would say this conference hall is roughly 10 football fields. 16 football fields. It’s probably at least a mile square, if not a mile and a half square. So it’s, Ginormous is not out of bounds to say for this place. Come over here and get some Twix and coffee. Some Three Musketeers. Some apps and phone clips over here. Film software. And you’ve got… audio-technica. Over here some mics for your recording and apps. Mevo. Play in some… Have some fun and bury your friend in these yellow balls. Hubert’s Lemonade Stand. And here you have just a handful of more industry related stuff. Logitech, which is great, they have cameras, vanity tube, firecube domain names. MTV booth where they’re talking to talking fish.

The entrance is down there. Oh sorry! So it’s about three forty in the afternoon, Saturday, we bid goodbye to the VidCon industry track, and we have no more energy left, and that was fun, seeing people gather around creators here and very politely wait their turn to take photos. Isn’t that nice? See your favorite creator, hang out. Hey, how are you, how are you? See your favorite creator, get a photo. Wait in line patiently, people are really nice you know? Sometimes there’s some screaming and excitement but creators really love to see their fans. So some people are still going to hang out but people pretty much are, are done. That’s all. That’s all from VidCon. See you next year.

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