VidCon Industry Track Vlog – Day 1

VidCon Industry Track Vlog - Day 1

Last updated on June 14th, 2024


Okay day one of VidCon, and you see that big line there here at the Anaheim Convention Center? That is for the Community and maybe the Creator Track, and the line is very very long. People are waiting to get into the morning keynote or the concert. I frankly don’t even know what they’re waiting to get in and it’s not interesting to me. That’s not what I am focused on. I am going to be going up to the third floor up there, and that’s where the conference that I am taking part in is hanging out. So don’t be, if you’re coming to the Industry part of the conference don’t be scared by this long line of really enthusiastic people who are waiting a long time. That’s not us.

Shark! Hello! Okay now we’re on the third floor of the Anaheim Convention Center. This is where things really happen. Here’s a day, what’s going on for today or actually… Yes this is Thursday at a glance. I just talked to Benji of Video Influencers on the elevator, really nice guy. Escalator. Really nice guy. And I’m going to check out what the next session is. So this is the Industry Lounge here and we’re just going to go right in. This is where you hang out if you’re doing the Industry thing and sponsored. You can see the… Oh boy lot of food here. You can see there’s plenty of food to be eaten here, really nice. Sponsored by, merch by Amazon and Amazon Influencers. They’ve got the thing going on here. So this is where you can hang out during the day. They’ll have a lunch, real nice if you’re sort of don’t know what you’re doing. You pop in, see an old friend or meet somebody. So that’s what’s going on over here.

She I think, and I think it’s also really important to have a good team around you because like my agent knows me so well that she just knows when I’m not going to do that.

We had conversations around it and we would never have gotten involved in the Brandle in the first place if it wasn’t something that was going toward.

That’s a really important part of communication I think. People at our level I think are lucky enough that we don’t have to take an opportunity with people. We’re not trying to just stay afloat at this point.

So it’s still early here at VidCon day one, and you can see there’s some events happening in the Grand Ballroom. And that’s the video I just showed you, so lot of things happening. There’s a keynote. The John Green and Hank Green keynote’s always really good, at 10. Lot of influencer marketing stuff which is great. I used to work in influencer marketing but I don’t anymore so I don’t really follow that too much. But if you want influencer marketing stuff, great stuff here. I’m really here more for analytics and tricks to tweaking channels. It’s still early, people are still getting here and sort of figuring out things. So you hear about things in the lobby that you don’t hear. I was just in one place and I didn’t hear about the Sharer brothers, and I heard it from Rob from vidIQ just a moment ago. And that over there is Brett Snelgrove walking that way. Wave. See you see Brett Snelgrove from the BBC. Brett

Hello guys. What are you here for? I’m here for, today I’m really forward to the two Facebook presentations Creator Update and Future of Video, Derral Eves’ ballroom presentation on Metrics that Matter, and oh there’s another one as well: Nielsen’s What We Watch, When We Watch.

And that’s your preview for today. I am here with my 99th subscriber on my YouTube channel. What is your name?


Giovanna. She started Zero Cliches. It’s a YouTube channel and Instagram?


And she is from Brazil and she’s here- Why are you here?

I am here to learn how to produce better content and how to, I don’t know, how to learn from my followers. I don’t know.

Well thanks for coming,


And I hope you learn something.

Across the board with 63% of the population having access in their homes as of last year, up to 70% this year.

Okay so now things are starting to get a little bit busier, people are hanging out, there’s busy sessions, people are coming and going. So they put together a really delicious lunch over here but I try to stay away from this area. I go to the fruit area and then I skip this area with the cookies if I can. But they have actually really delicious sandwiches and salads over here. But I don’t like to eat while I’m standing, so I just got this really great sandwich here and yeah just people will talk and connect, and just really great little buffet there, and hang out. This is where people can network. So you can see there’s numbers by the table and people are just connecting and doing deals and so forth. So I’m going to leave now. I’m going to leave the third floor which is the Industry area and then go downstairs to the second floor, which is the Creator area. And if you’re an Influencer… Did I say Influencer? Industry pass. So the Industry Pass area, the Industry Track, if you go down then you can go into the Creator Track area. And I’m wondering where my friends are at the VidIQ table. I think that they’re on this floor. I’m going to go find them. Now I’m going down to the Creator, the Community Track, and that’s on the first level. And a lot of different stuff that people are interested, more different than what I’m interested in. And so going to check that out. I’m here on the show floor here. This is a very very different experience. Most of these really aim towards fans and community and all sorts of fun things that people can do. It really is just a totally, as you can see just a totally different conference than the one I was just at, but really really fun for a lot of people. Just to give you an idea of the massive size of the show floor here, and the types of fun things that kids can do, it’s just intense. Now to find industry stuff you really have to hunt. In fact I think I just found TubeBuddy there among all these bells and whistles. So next the Genius cooking/baking area, you have guys like Audio Hero and my friends at TubeBuddy. What’s up TubeBuddy? Woohoo!

Goal number one for the AI is to predict what the viewer will watch. It’s all about the video and it’s all about the viewer. Now when you can start figuring out who your viewer type is, and kind of understanding that target audience and that target demo-

Bringing two cameras, like one type is square

No actually. I mean do you want to talk a little bit about the Meta Team maybe?

Yeah so, and I mean a lot of this is newer stuff too, like you know three years ago. Like when we launched the Try Guys this was not a thing, like we’ve evolved a lot over the years. But I can talk about how we do it now. And now we have a team that actually is part of social publishing, and it’s called the Meta Team for metamorphosis.

Looking from the outside, I knew that there was so much more to these people than a nine to five job. But it took creators to get on a platform and start sharing their stories-

So on the first night of VidCon Industry Panel, they have a sort of a party here and they have some drinks. And so this is not the pre-night party, this is the Industry party of the first night and there’s lots of networking and people chatting and comparing notes on what they saw today. So here at VidCon this is the evening. This is not part of the Industry Track, this is part of the Community Track and they have great musicians for the kids to listen to. And I’m sure they’re all really famous on YouTube. I don’t know who they are. But I was just walking through this. I’m heading to bed. That’s it for me. I’m tired. But it’s really great, and you can see how enthusiastic people are. So good for them.

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