Software to Make YouTube Better

YouTube is essentially a media software platform. But it can’t work entirely alone. Today we’ll give you our top software picks to help you do YouTube and video marketing better.


HOSTS: The Video Marketing Value Podcast is hosted by:
– Dane Golden –
– Gwen Miller – LinkedIn
– Shelly Saves The Day –

Here’s our recommended software tools for this episode:

Dane’s Recommendations:

Shelly’s Recommendations:

  • Recut – Removes dead space in your rough-cut files – Save $10
  • Ecamm – My Favorite for Streaming! Try Ecamm for yourself for 14 days FREE
  • Install TubeBuddy for free to help you get the most out of YouTube! Get 14 days free of TubeBuddy by using this link. Use Code “ShellysBuddy” to save 20%!
  • Descript – video editor
  • Genius Link – make more revenue from your links
  • Canva “Magic Write” – (or other AI help generators, Jasper, ChatGPT)
  • – Shelly’s service – Your content, just smaller.

Gwen’s Recommendations: