How To Make A Private Playlist On YouTube

How To Save A Private Playlist On YouTube

Last updated on July 12th, 2020 at 07:44 pm

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There are many reasons to save a private playlist on YouTube.:

  1. You may want to monitor your business competitors’ videos without them knowing.
  2. There may be videos you want to watch or research videos later in a group.
  3. You may want to group your own videos for later reference or as a future public playlist.


  1. Learn how to create, add, modify and delete private YouTube playlists.


  1. Decide what you want to use this private playlist for.
  2. Find the “+ Add To” button below a YouTube video.


  1. To be logged in to YouTube in the account you’ll want to save the playlist to.


  1. On the YouTube video watch page, click “+ Add To,” and instead of Public, click Private to create a private playlist of any name.
  2. The private playlist will have a “locked” icon next to it.
  3. A video can be in multiple playlists.
  4. You can put any YouTube video in a private playlist, even if the video isn’t yours.
  5. Add more videos to the private playlist by clicking “+ Add To” and checking the box by that playlist.
  6. When looking at your own video in the “Info & Settings” tab, add a video to a private playlist using the dropdown below.
  7. From a playlist watch page, you can manage a private playlist, or turn a public playlist into a private one, or vice versa, using the dropdown menu and clicking Save.
  8. Unlisted playlists have hidden URLs that can only be seen if you have the link or someone embeds it in a web page.


  • Now you’ve got a private playlist to reference for later.
  • Keep in mind, if someone else owns the video, and they later make it private or delete it, you won’t be able to view it in your private playlist.