How To Pin A Comment On YouTube

How To Pin a Comment on YouTube

Last updated on June 14th, 2024

YouTube comments are very important to growing your business on YouTube. But if you want to make sure your comment is at the top of your comments area, or feature a comment from a prestigious commenter, or someone who made a great comment, you can “pin” it to the top of your YouTube comments.


By pinning your comment or an important comment by someone else, you can prompt better conversations with your viewers and customers. YouTube comments are extremely important because people have grown a connection to you through your videos, and when that happens, they want to respond. They want to comment.


  1. Uploading a YouTube video is not the end of the process.
  2. Rather, it’s the beginning of a conversation that you can have with your customers, and they can have with each other.
  3. Your videos should prompt more questions, and give you an additional opportunity to engage with your customers.
  4. If you viewers and customers don’t want to comment, that means that either what you said was not interesting to them, or they think you don’t care about them. Or, worse, that your video was irrelevant to their needs and interests.


  1. Hang out in your own comments section.
  2. Track comments for both old and new videos.
  3. Be the first to comment on your own comments with a question or idea that encourages other comments or questions.
  4. Pin your own comment at first.
  5. It’s OK to change what’s pinned as comments evolve.


  1. Even old videos video are new to the customer that’s watching it. So track and respond to comments on all videos, old and new.
  2. If a top customer says how awesome you are or asks a good question, pin that comment to the top, and respond to their question in a helpful way.
  3. Sometimes you may want to add a link to your pinned comment, such as to a related video. But it’s generally not good form for viewers to post their own links in the comments. Remember that watch time rules still apply – if you send too many people off YouTube, it will significantly down-rank your videos.
  4. The more active you are in your own comments, the more engaged your customers will be. Also, your presence will deter bad behavior or inappropriate comments.


Now you know how to pin YouTube comments.

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