Don’t Say This On YouTube (With Tim Schmoyer Of Video Creators)

Don't Say This On YouTube (with Tim Schmoyer of Video Creators)

Last updated on June 14th, 2024


One of the biggest contributors to how much watch time and views you get is how long people actually spend watching your videos. And there’s some words, that if you say them, they trigger abandonment from people. They will leave your videos. And Dane here has done a lot of research into this, and we’re going to tell you what to avoid saying so that you can get more views, more watch time, and our channel grows overall.

Hey guys my name is Tim Schmoyer, welcome to Video Creators. We are all about helping you guys grow your YouTube audience so you can spread a message that reaches people, changes their lives. Dane’s all about that too, tell us about your channel real quick.

The Channel is, we help marketers understand YouTube.

So if you want to learn more, go check out his channel. Linked up down below. And you’ve done a lot of research into what words trigger abandonment, like cause people to leave. And what are some of those that you’ve found.

Well Tim, people like you and others have been talking about why you shouldn’t use ending language in the middle of a video or sometimes not even at the end of a video because you want someone’s session to continue from video to video. But I didn’t really know what ending language was really.


What does that mean? What kind of words there are. So we made a comprehensive list and should we talk about some of them?

Yeah, totally. Tell us what we should not say.

See ya.

Yeah don’t say goodbye.

Now we’re going to talk about those words in this video but you should not click off. They’re intended to make you click off, do not click off.

Don’t say goodbye, don’t say see ya.

See ya.

See ya later.



In our next video. In summary. Anyway. In conclusion. Anything that gets somebody thinking, taking them out of their own loop that they’re in watching and enjoying your videos because Tim, you talk a lot about getting someone to watch from one video to another, and if you say at any point, thank you.

Or comment below. Or let me know what you think. Or hope this was helpful. Anything that’s like I may safely abandon this video now, I’m not getting any additional further value or content from it, like they’re out.

One of the things you say is keeping people going, having more than 50% of the people at the end of the video so you can keep them watching, or if you want to sell ’em something, go to that video. So these words you shouldn’t even… You can say them in the last 20 seconds, but you really should limit that.

Even when you get someone to the end of the video, you might not want to say these because you want people to click and watch another video of yours. And you don’t want them to feel like, “Oh, I can safely abandon Tim or Dane’s videos now.”

Even more important than subscribing is getting someone to that next video. It’s more important than a subscribe, more important than a like, than a comment, is just keep ’em watching because when someone watches all the way through your videos, and then watches another, that’s a huge signal to the algorithm to say serve this viewer more of this guys videos.

It’s really common I think for creators to say things like hey don’t forget to subscribe, hit the like button, or smash the like button, comment, like and all these things, and people are like boop I’m out. So if you’re look at your audience retention graphs, there’s typically where you’ll see a steep abandonment at that point. And people, that might even happen before you give them the opportunity for them to click, and watch another video in that final 20 seconds on your end screen.

And it’s the same way when you go to a movie theater. Credits come on, you’re out of there. Even if you’re in the movie, you don’t even wait for the credits. I’m out of there.

Same impact. But not only should you stop saying some of these words, but there is one particular word that you should use that will keep people longer. What word is that?

Yes, you should use this word because the word is you. We did a study with TubeBuddy. and TubeBuddy did this study and it proves that if you say the word you in the first five seconds of the video, you will get, on average, 66% more views because people will watch longer, it refers you to the video and it makes that go higher in the algorithm. And if you say words like you, and your, and yours, you say that more often at the beginning in the video, your viewership will go up because that shows I care about you the viewer.

I think it makes sense because people want to feel like this video I clicked on is for me, and you’re affirming for that viewer, that yes, this video’s for you. You’re going to get the value that you want and so do use that word. But, if you want to see a complete list of all 31 words that you should not say, Dane has an excellent video over on his channel. You can click that video series on your screen right now to go over and check that out, and while your over subscribe, learn more about video marketing.

You can see it in this video.

To click it… Sorry, hit puberty right there. So click it and Dane will see you over in that next video, bye!

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