How To Be Safe On YouTube

Last updated on June 15th, 2024

With both personal safety and brand safety, you’ve got to understand the YouTube platform, its safety features, and the best way to manage it all. Today we’ll give you some tips.

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“You have to be very careful that you’re not giving out more identifiable features that make [YouTube hosts] much more easy to track down. So one of the rules that we always have is we don’t show the front door of your house.”
– Gwen Miller

“Not only can you Sharpie-out your address – and you see that a lot on unboxings – but I would go a step further and usually have a UPS box or a PO box.”
– Shelly Saves The Day

“One of the videos was a girl just at her school talking, but it showed in the background the name of the school, just slightly obscured. But it was pretty easy to figure out what the name of the school was. And I’m like back to the editor – no, no. You know, we can’t do that.”
– Dane Golden

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