How iOS 14 Privacy Settings Will Change Video Advertising – Matt Johnston

Matt Johnston of Guide Social Global breaks down the big limitations to ad tracking and retargeting that is happening in the newest iOS update, 14.5. Matt also talks about how it is expected to change user behavior and if there is a silver bullet solution for advertisers.

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Matt Johnston:
“There’s many ways to weather the storm. The number one way is collecting more first party data, which means get more email addresses. And this is something that info product businesses have been doing for a very long time, building a list. E-commerce businesses have typically not put a lot of work into building an email list. Generally, it’s been overlooked, right? It’s been just like, ‘Hey, if we can just get a great ads funnel working, it’s all we need.’ You need to collect first party data and sell these people over email and focus on the lifetime value of your customer, not just the average order value of the customer.”

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