Mr. Dane Golden

Dane Golden is CEO of VidAction, a video marketing agency. His mission is to help brands get viewers to come back to their videos again and again through use of helpful how-to content, driving loyalty, conversion and ROI.

YouTube Community Tab – the [Secret] Weapon for Marketers

Marketers are missing out on using the YouTube Community Tab. This is a social-media feed-type tool which can show your text posts, polls, and even carousel photos. Importantly, these can show even to people who are not subscribers, so it’s a great way to engage and build that audience that you’re building on YouTube.

Video and the Customer Journey and/or Funnel

In today’s world, video is essential to the customer journey and or funnel. Today we’re talking about how YouTube fits into the funnel, and at what stages other types of social video, personal video, webinars and other videos fit into that customer journey at various stages.

How To Build Your YouTube Team

Today we’re talking about how to build your YouTube team. Should you build your team person-by-person and hire them in-house? Or do you want to get consultants, or contractors, or an agency to help you with your YouTube channel? Today we’ll tell you.

How To Repurpose YouTube Videos

What happens after you’ve produced your YouTube videos and you want to repurpose them for other platforms or other uses? What are some of the options and methods you can follow? Today we’ll tell you (and BTW check out Shelly’s website: SUBSCRIBE TODAY! HOSTS: The Video Marketing Value Podcast is hosted by: – Dane Golden – – …

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It’s Time To Fix These Gaps In Your YouTube Business Strategy

OK, so you’re doing some things that are working for you on YouTube. But you’ve got some gaps in your YouTube business strategy. Today we tell you where they are. SUBSCRIBE TODAY! HOSTS: The Video Marketing Value Podcast is hosted by: – Dane Golden | LinkedIn | YouTube | TalkToDane.Today – Gwen Miller LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube – Shelly Saves The Day | YouTube | ShellyShopsOnline | iMovieMadeEasy | ContentMinis