YouTube InVideo Linking, Custom Playlists, And Audience Vs. Fanbase – TubeTalk Podcast #19

In this week’s TubeTalk podcast, we talk about some unique methods of in-video linking, how to create YouTube playlists with other people’s videos, and ideas for converting an audience into a fanbase.


Tip #1: Unique Methods of In-Video Linking

You can see from the video above that Matt does some unique kinds of in-video linking. There are a number of different ways to link in videos: Various kinds of annotations, Call-to-Actions, and even in-video programming. But Matt’s combined these techniques in unusual ways. One way is where you can click on chapters within the video. Another is more well-known, where you write the time code in the description (or comments) and users can go right to that code within the video.

Tip #2: How to create YouTube playlists using other people’s videos

What if you wanted to group videos from different channels together on one uber-channel? You might want to do this if you’re a company or YouTube network with dozens of channels, but you just want one playlist where people can see the best of all of your channels. Or maybe you’re just a fan and want to bring in your favorite comedy clips or songs or whatever.

Well, you can make your own playlist that has other people’s videos in it. You can even create custom start and end times in those videos as they present themselves in your playlist – clips as short as 15 seconds.

To create a new playlist, you go the video you want to include and click “Add to.” Then below “Add to playlist” you’ll see an a box that says “Enter new playlist name,” so you enter a name. Then you select Public, Unlisted, or Private and click “Create playlist.” Now every time you want to add a video to this playlist, just click “Add to” and select the playlist you want.

To edit playlists, go to your Video Manager and click “Playlists” in the left navigation and select the playlist you want and open it, then when you roll over the time code to see the “More” dropdown list. Select “Edit start / end times.” Then you get a window where you can drag two sliders to chose your clip. Then click “Save.”

While you can select video segments, you still may get pre-roll ads before those video segments.

Tip #3: Ideas for Converting an Audience into a Fanbase

Tim says that with YouTube, the audience can be described as the broad group that watches, but the fanbase is the group that engages in comments and other interactions, often immediately after the video launches. But how do you get the audience into an active, engaged state? Tim recommends speaking directly to the audience, inviting them to engage, and opening a dialog within the comments section.

Wrap Up

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