YouTube Consultants Explained

Last updated on June 15th, 2024

YouTube Consultants Explained

Today we’re talking about the different kinds YouTube consultants. There are a lot of people say they need a YouTube consultant, but what does that really mean? We’ll define and give insights into the different types of roles.


HOSTS: The VidAction Podcast is hosted by:
– Dane Golden | LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube | TalkToDane.Today |
– Gwen Miller LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube
– Shelly Saves The Day | YouTube | ShellyShopsOnline | iMovieMadeEasy | ContentMinis


  • TubeBuddy – Excellent overall channel management and topic research.
  • – Get manual captions for better YouTube SEO.
  • VidIQ – Great helping you find the topics that can get highest views.
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