You Can’t Do That on YouTube (Or Can You?)

Last updated on June 5th, 2024

When you’re doing business on YouTube, what’s against their rules? What is OK? And what’s on the bubble? What gives you a “strike” and how bad is it really? And which violations can let other channels run ads on your content? Also, can you “buy views” or “buy subscribers” to make your channel blow up?

How about using copyrighted material from music, TV, movies, or even other channels? Can you import other people’s videos from other social media? Can you upload duplicate content of your own to multiple channels? Today we’ll talk about this and more.


HOSTS: Video Marketing Live is hosted by:
– Dane Golden of | LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube
– Gwen Miller LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube
– Shelly Saves The Day | YouTube


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  • VidIQ – Great helping you find the topics that can get highest views.
  • MorningFame – Find out what topics will rank for smaller channels.
  • Keywords Everywhere – Good for also ranking YouTube videos on Google itself.

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