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My name is Dane Golden, CEO of Welcome!

You’ve reached an unlisted page on that is available exclusively to referrals from clients, partners and friends in the industry. We are very fortunate to get these kinds of referrals, and we want to do our best to serve you, and make the recommendation a rewarding one.

The best way of doing this is by identifying what we specialize in, and if our services can help you.


Primarily, we focus on:

  1. YouTube channel management, optimization, and training

  2. Paid media on YouTube, Facebook video and Instagram video

  3. Video marketing strategy, tactics, content calendar management, and planning

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We do NOT do video production. Instead, we partner with your existing video production team.


Our main mission at is simple: We want to help you get your customers coming back to your videos again and again. We believe that you can best do this by sharing your expertise with your customers through frequent videos, just as you do on your content marketing blog (and maybe even on your podcast).

By sharing your expertise, you will get customers coming back to your videos again and again. When you share your expertise with your customers, you can earn their loyalty, and their trust, and their business.

We help you amplify your expertise and leadership in your industry through a mostly organic and partly paid methodology.


  1. is a Video Content Marketing Company, but we do NOT do video production. Rather, we work with your existing video production team to make sure these videos get seen by the right people to drive successful conversions for your business.
  2. In general, we work about 60% of the time on YouTube and 40% of the time on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  3. We help you craft a winning video content marketing strategy, based on an audit and strategy proposal that we will prepare for you.
  4. We optimize your YouTube channel, including your ongoing videos and sometimes your library of already-published videos, to drive maximum KPI success. As needed, we can also manage your content calendar, so that videos are released at a cadence that drives the most views possible.
  5. On YouTube, which is more of a long-tail platform, we generally rely on a formula of 80% organic views and 20% paid views. On the other social video platforms, which are more feed-based, we believe the opposite approach is best (80% paid, 20% organic).
  6. We believe that the vast majority of paid media on video today is mis-targeted and overspend. So while we do believe in paid media, we also believe in a highly-targeted approach.
  7. We believe video marketing does not exist in a silo. Video marketing works best when it is brought in at the planning stages with video production, social, email and website teams, with a results-driven feedback loop that continually improves each step of the process.


We generally work best with businesses that…

  1. Are already producing 35-100 videos per year, but aren’t seeing the success they desire
  2. Already have good video producers and experienced marketers.
  3. Want YouTube video optimization, channel management and in-depth reports, in combination with ongoing internal team training. Optional: Paid campaign management.
  4. Want to use video to help their customers live their lives better or do their jobs better.


  1. Individual YouTubers
  2. Businesses with less than 35 videos so far
  3. Consultants, solopreneurs or personality-based businesses
  4. Cryptocurrency businesses
  5. Real estate businesses
  6. Authors, speakers, coaches
  7. Medicine or supplement businesses
  8. Network marketing businesses
  9. Individual health practitioners
  10. Single-location retail businesses
  11. Home-based businesses


  1. SAAS platforms
  2. Tech services and devices
  3. Video agencies and ad agencies
  4. Online services
  5. Online education
  6. Apps
  7. Financial Industry
  8. Health/Medical Industry
  9. Automotive
  10. Beauty
  11. Video Games
  12. Heavy Industry
  13. Large retail
  14. CPG
  15. Others industries – ask us!