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My YouTube Marketing Gurus – Derral Eves and VidSummit

Last updated on July 12th, 2020 at 07:45 pm

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If you want to learn about video marketing on YouTube, who are the best people to follow? Well, I’m going to tell you about one of my gurus, Derral Eves. Coming right up.!

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So just like you, I learn a lot about video marketing and I keep up to date by watching a lot of YouTube videos and podcasts, and going to attend conferences. And probably the person that has been the most influential on my video marketing career, has been a man named Derral Eves. And if you are involved in video marketing in any way, you probably already know who he is.

But let me tell you why I think Derral is interesting, and also why I believe you should attend his VidSummit conference, which I have attended every year.


The first thing you should know about Derral is that, his Derral Eves YouTube channel is an exceptional resource for people who are doing video marketing. His tips have really helped me over the years, and I come back to them again and again, and even when I want a question answered and I do a search, and sometimes his videos are the ones that come up.

I know when he answers a question, it’s something he’s researched, he’s experimented with, he’s tried. So I recommend you subscribe to the Derral Eves channel. I’m going to be point you to it right here, somewhere here.


The second thing you should know about Derral Eves, is that he runs a conference called the VidSummit, V-I-D-S-U-M-M-I-T. And I’ve gone to this conference every year, and I’ve always learned a lot. It’s mandatory for me. And it’s right near LAX, so it’s very accessible for both people in Los Angeles, or people who are coming from elsewhere.

So I recommend you sign up and attend it this year.

Now Derral Eves has participated in some of the biggest viral campaigns for businesses in the world, in history. Squatty Potty and others, but that’s really not even the thing I think is most amazing about Derral. He’s really a generous person. He really helps a lot of small YouTubers in different categories that won’t help him professionally. He just wants to help other people.

And this leads me to my final and special bonus info about why I think you should follow Derral Eves and attend his conference. The thing about Derral Eves that’s so amazing is that he gives back and creates a community.


The video marketing community as a whole has been very supportive of each other. You see all sorts of people who even though they’re technically competitors, they support one another. They give tips to one another. You don’t see this in a lot of other industries, where everyone is just so welcoming, and happy to help others grow their channel, and in the end, compete with the person that’s helping them.

And while there’s a lot of people that do this, Derral Eves, I feel, has been a greater influence than most on creating this community of people, helping each other learn, giving back to the community, sharing what they know, and encouraging others to grow. And that’s probably what I like most about Derral.

So I would like you to consider attending VidSummit, and it’s really worthwhile, and you might even see me there too. Also, I’m going to encourage you to subscribe to Derral’s channel. Just click right here and it will take you right there.

Also, I’m going to put some of his videos right up there for you to watch. So thank you Derral Eves for being an inspiration to me, and this channel, and my business, and helping me along the way. And to you the viewer, I’ll see you next time.!