How Brands Get Influencer Marketing WRONG on YouTube

Gwen talks about how brands get influencer marketing wrong on YouTube, what exactly a brand should expect from an influencer, and what to request in a brand deal.

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HOSTS: The Video Marketing Value Podcast is hosted by:
– Dane Golden of and | LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube
– Gwen Miller  Hearst MagazinesLinkedIn | Twitter

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PRODUCER: Jason Perrier of Phizzy Studios

Gwen Miller:

“Influencer marketing is where you work with a creator’s organic channel. You might identify a creator on the platform that you’re like, I think they’re really aligned with my business. I think they have the demographics and the audience is going to be super interested in buying my product. I want to get in front of this audience and I want to have the person they trust most, which is the person who hosts the channel, tell them about my product so they’re more likely to buy it.”