Does Text Matter On YouTube?

Last updated on June 15th, 2024

YouTube + Text

Think YouTube is all about video? Nope! Text like titles, descriptions, and captions and more are all important to helping YouTube put your videos in front of the right viewers. But there are also some YouTube text, like keyword tags, that may not be as valuable as you think. Today, Gwen and Dane go through the different ways you can add text to your YouTube videos to help them get more views.

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HOSTS: The VidAction Podcast is hosted by:
– Dane Golden of and | LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube
– Gwen Miller  Hearst MagazinesLinkedIn | Twitter

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PRODUCER: Jason Perrier of Phizzy Studios

“YouTube has enough AI and experience and data to know what, in general, your video is about, what, in general, your channel is about, and who, in general, wants to see that video and that channel. And just because you put a tag on it that says ‘click here for a million dollars’ does not mean you’re going to get a ton of views.”

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