How To Build A Cheap Studio In Your Office

How To Build A Cheap YouTube Studio In Your Office

Last updated on July 12th, 2020 at 07:45 pm

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How can you build a cheap YouTube video studio in your office?

Maybe your company wants to have a place where people can go and set up their video and you can have different people on the video but you have an empty office and you sort of like to set up a set or a studio. How do you do it and how much does it cost?

Well, you can really do it for really a few hundred dollars depending on what you want. I have built a cheap, very basic, video studio for the WeWork co-working office in Portland that I also use myself.

I use just a simple desk here and I put a towel over it to deflect some of the noise. I have a simple Samson microphone and on my laptop, and a Logitech camera, and then I have a couple of lights.

I wear glasses so I put the lights on either side of me. I also have a ring light. Most people would put the ring light in front of them, but if you have glasses, I’ve found that it’s best to have the lights come in almost directly from the sides.

For additional noise dampening, I put some moving blankets over large cardboard boxes, and put those cardboard boxes directly behind the camera. You can get very inexpensive moving blankets online. Also, I have a collapsable background and a photography reflector, but I don’t use them.

So you really can set up a group studio that everyone in your office can use when it’s their turn to be on video.