Mr. Dane Golden

Dane Golden is CEO of VidAction, a video marketing agency. His mission is to help brands get viewers to come back to their videos again and again through use of helpful how-to content, driving loyalty, conversion and ROI.

Your YouTube Audience Just Got M̶U̶C̶H̶ B̶I̶G̶G̶E̶R̶ MAS GRANDE (with Brett Snelgrove)

If you’re trying to up your game with video marketing on YouTube or other platforms, you really have got to understand that social media, YouTube, it’s international. It’s not just America, not just the UK, not just English, because it’s the entire world.

So you really want to understand how to do multilingual properties on YouTube, Facebook, etc. We’ve got an expert here, Brett Snelgrove, who’s worked for some amazing companies. Now he’s helping you specifically today.

How Your Customers Are Watching YouTube

You know your customers are on YouTube. They’re watching something – but what are they watching? The question is, are they watching you? Are they finding you? And do they even know they need you? Today we talk about how to get your customers to find you, specifically.

How to Repurpose YouTube Videos with – Video Marketing Podcast

You have got to be repurposing your YouTube content! If you just make it once you have wasted time, because this is a useful asset that you can use in multiple ways. Is it content multiplication? Content repurposing? Some other thing? It’s all the above, because it all falls under distribution and it all falls under being able to extract from what you’ve already done so that you can distribute more.